VISOR Check in Facebook

Security for social networks

The VISOR Check in Facebook is a form of Computer Check for this social network. It automatically detects security problems on devices that can access the internet when on Facebook, describes the identified errors and supports the client in resolving the problems.


Why online security tests?

Practically all Trojan drive-by attacks occur via browser plugins or multimedia formats. Top media plugin manufacturers such as Apple (Quicktime), Microsoft (Silverlight) and Adobe (Flash Player, PDF) are affected. Unfortunately, most clients are not aware of what add-ons are installed in their browser and cannot identify the dangers they are running. That is why a personalised check to pinpoint the weakness on PCs and smart phones can help raise awareness about security.


Advantages of the VISOR Check in Facebook for banks

  • It offers true added value for the banks' presence on Facebook (integration as a Facebook app on the companies' Facebook pages)

  • It strengthens client relations and trust

  • It increases the number of visitors to the banks' webpages