CORONIC software & security

CORONIC GmbH in Kiel, Germany, develops tailor-made software solutions for businesses and security products for banks and insurance companies. The company was founded in 2003 by Andreas Harder, a qualified IT engineer, and Frank Bock (PhD) in Kiel, with an equity of 250,000 €. The company focuses on technology and has received an award from the European Union for its highly innovative products. CORONIC has also won 10,000 € from the K.E.R.N Cup in the Hightech Group, and won the fourth place in the famous Schmidt-Römhild competition in 2008.


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Any company selling complex services or products must ensure the long-term satisfaction of its clients and staff. This is based on fair dealings with all parties and a mutual understanding of the projects, as well as an attractive pricing policy.


Certified by 

CORONIC software products have been awarded the official seal of approval for data security by the ULD (Independent Data Protection Centre for the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein) and has been legally and technically certified (#1-01/2005 till 2009). CORONIC is certified to develop software for critical security projects for the police, federal administrations and the armed forces.