VISOR Computer Check

The Computer Check prevents phishing

What does VISOR Computer Check do? It is an online test for your PC: it automatically detects security problems on the computer and in the browser, describes the errors found and provides support so the client can solve these problems.


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The online security test for PCs, tablets and smartphones.


Why online security tests?

Practically all Trojan drive-by attacks take place via browser plugins or multimedia formats. Famous manufacturers of media plugins like Apple (Quicktime), Microsoft (Silverlight) and Adobe (Flash Player, PDF) are affected. Unfortunately, most clients are unaware of which add-ons are installed in their browser and cannot identify the dangers they are running. That is why a personalised check to pinpoint the weaknesses on PCs and smart phones can help raise awareness about security.


Advantages of VISOR Computer Check for banks

  • Less phishing attacks because every single resolved PC security vulnerability reduces the risk of a Trojan drive-by attack

  • Raises the client's awareness about security

  • Reduces display problems related to websites and flicker code generation by updating the browser software on clients' computers

  • Lowers call center cost by decreasing support and hotline requests

  • Increases the number of online users