PROTECT hardened browser

A normal browser can never be secure

A browser's task is to open up every webpage and video you want to see. That makes a browser the exact opposite of a secure software program - because it simply opens everything. This is the reason why virus and Trojan attacks always take place via the manipulation of browser functions. Attackers modify web pages by injecting malicious code while altering the information displayed to end users in order to hide fraudulent transactions initiated in the background.


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The hardened browser for banking and online transactions.


Browser security is equal to banking security 

Modern security concepts should therefore directly target the browser. If a Trojan attack is prevented from attacking the browser, then it is impossible for online business transactions to be manipulated.


An online transaction can only be safe if the browser used is secure

PROTECT is designed precisely to protect the browser. PROTECT checks browser and Windows functions, as well as all the pages clicked on (URL, IP address and port, SSL certificate). Protection is also provided against the latest generation of Trojans, because all malware in the browser is neutralised thanks to verified anti-hooking and anti-cracking mechanisms.


The GAD eG video (in German) explains exactly how the hardened browser can protect private online banking clients.



On the basis of its powerful innovative nature, PROTECT security technology has been awarded the support of the Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation of Schleswig-Holstein (WTSH)  by means of funds granted by the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein.