Hardening & mobile security

Security software manufacturers say that there is an adequate security package for every type of malware, an antivirus for every virus and a firewall for every security flaw... yet computer viruses and spyware are on the increase.


Security must target the failures of operating systems and antiviruses

For many years now, protection from malware by means of internal Windows SSL encryption has been ineffective. In every print function there is a potential malware victim. That is why CORONIC focuses on the lowest levels of programs, in order to identify typical weaknesses and gaps at the entrance point to operating systems and drivers, and then helps resolve these problems.


A rigid line of defence will always be beaten

Of course the perfect security mechanism does not exist, because every software program can be bypassed due to the system. That is why CORONIC makes use of many security features in its products, and they are interconnected and can be combined.


Hardening and protection of apps and desktop applications

CORONIC's dynamic security processes can also be integrated into other products and applications. Thus, a simple app can be transformed into a hardened application for a business smart phone, and a normal desktop program can become a security centre that can defend itself against attacks.


Security process experts for online banking

For over 10 years now, CORONIC has provided support and advice to German and international banks and financial service providers about the security of client-related processes and banking. Lean on our know-how to protect yourself!