Whoever offers sophisticated products and complex services must ensure the long-term satisfaction of clients. This is based on mutual fairness and requires attractive pricing policies.


Core competences: flexibility & speed

As a small business that has been working with an increasing number of large corporations (e.g. banks, the German Armed Forces, T-Mobile, Airbus Group, T-Systems), we are used to being fast and flexible on our projects. We learn about the processes and procedures of companies and adapt to them in order to guarantee the success of the project. Our slogan is: "If in doubt, put the client first!"


Why CORONIC is different

  • We only work with permanent staff, so even years after the finalisation of a project, the same developers can be entrusted with modifications or adaptations to the software.

  • The fact we develop our own products means that we can be very flexible at the beginning of the software development project, because we can use resources from our product range for the project.

  • We have been working with large corporations for years and are used to playing a dynamic and flexible role.

  • The fact that we work with important clients on long-term projects means that in our view, our clients are true partners and not just contracting customers.

  • Our communication and our dealings with our clients are always honest, competent and fair - like in a true partnership.

  • We are open and honest and we tell the truth. You will never hear us say that a timescale is somewhat tight, we will address the risks openly and suggest realistic alternatives.

  • Because new clients and new subjects often represent a learning curve, CORONIC offers attractive starter deals, such as the CORONIC expenses-sharing scheme in the preparatory stage of the project, during the first month.