Portal solutions & Drupal

Security and cost control, fast development, high code quality, very user-friendly - and yet secure at every single step of the process: no problem for web portals by CORONIC! We demonstrate how it is possible to implement complex solutions fast and at a reasonable expense.


There are countless technological solutions for web portals. This is why CORONIC has chosen to specialise in Java/JEE for the back end and PHP/Drupal for the front end. There are many reasons for this choice:

  • No licence costs: it's open source

  • Many modules are available thanks to a large online community

  • Very user-friendly and flexible

  • Maximum social media integration

  • Includes search engine optimisation 

  • Perfect integration into the existing business processes


CORONIC develops and operates the VR-NetWorld extranet of the German Volksbank and Raiffeisenbank group. This is one of the largest DRUPAL-run systems, with over 1,000 banks using it.