PROTECT product range

Is it possible to conduct online banking safely on a computer infected with Trojans and viruses? Is it possible to establish encrypted SSL communication, even if wininet.ddl has been hacked? How can mobile applications be hardened and made extremely secure? With PROTECT products, it is possible to work on any PC or mobile device safely - even if the security of the operating system has been compromised. 


Typical application scenarios 

  • A bank aims at decreasing its document processing cost. To do so, its offline clients must become online clients. The typical fears of offline bank clients can easily be reduced thanks to the hardened PROTECT browser. Many banks managed to cut their expenditure related to bank document processing by over 25% last year, thanks to PROTECT. If the solution is correctly applied (i.e. the system and the account model), it can lead to savings of up to several 100,000 Euro a year, depending on the size of the bank!

  • A bank wants to remove money transfer ATM’s that are insufficiently used. The bank informs previous ATM users while providing CORONIC’s hardened PROTECT browser with its phishing fraud protection as an alternative. In combination with its anti-fraud guarantee, bank customers will gladly migrate to an online process. This is how a bank can eliminate several terminals and save up to 50,000 Euros per machine a year!

  • A bank wants to increase the number of its online users and reduce phishing risks as well. To do so, it provides all its clients with the hardened PROTECT browser for Windows, iPhone and Android. The clients' trust in online banking increases and phishing attacks drop. Many banks charge 1 Euro a month for this extra security guarantee and generate several tens of thousands of Euros a year in direct revenues.

  • Applications that are part of a banking or transaction process will eventually be targeted by cybercriminals – this cannot be avoided. Thanks to the hardened PROTECT apps, banks can secure their transactions against such attacks.