VISOR Quick Check

Rapid phishing test before online banking

The VISOR Quick Check is a kind of rapid security test that detects flaws that Trojans could take advantage of. Just before online banking, the Check automatically identifies security problems with the browser or its plugins, like Java or Adobe Flash. It provides a direct link to the manufacturers' updates and detailed PDF explanations which even inexperienced users can follow to fix security issues themselves.


Why online security tests?

Practically all Trojan drive-by attacks occur via browser plugins or multimedia formats. Top media plugin manufacturers such as Apple (Quicktime), Microsoft (Silverlight) and Adobe (Flash Player, PDF) are affected. Unfortunately, most clients are not aware of what plugins are installed in their browser and are therefore incapable of detecting certain dangers. VISOR Quick Check is a personalised security check for computers and smartphones able to identify vulnerabilities while raising end user awareness about security.


Advantages of the VISOR Quick Check for banks

  • Prevents problems linked to webpage display and flicker code generation thanks to software updates on clients' computers

  • Reduces the amount of requests for support and hotline calls

  • Less phishing, because every security gap that is closed on a PC reduces the risk of a Trojan drive-by attack

  • Raises clients' awareness about the importance of security

  • Helps users get regular information about security flaws that affect online banking