Security and trust are the foundations of every business relation. Let your business take advantage of this need for security and use CORONIC's innovative products.


Vision of security

What is security? We understand it as the protection of one's own computer system from outside attacks. This implies that security is the same thing as prevention and foresight. The aim is to stop the attacks before they take place, i.e., to act before something happens. All security technology tries to do this, but today, many computer systems are infected without people knowing about it. In 2012, the EU agency for information security, ENISA, recommended that as a rule, the security of private client PCs should be considered compromised. Thus, security must also be guaranteed despite the infection of computers.


VISOR products (prevention of weaknesses)

50 % of all Internet users believe that their level of online security is inadequate. This fear represents a fantastic business opportunity, because only a client who feels completely secure will actively take perform online banking transactions. VISOR products, such as the Computer Check, tests the security of private computer systems, and offer help and information to build the trust of clients in online banking processes.


PROTECT products (work securely despite weaknesses)

If a Trojan has already infected your PC, then the security technology in place has failed miserably, but PROTECT's work has only just begun: despite an infection, you can continue working securely. PROTECT products, such as the hardened browser, shield individual transactions from an attack from a Trojan or virus that is already in the system.


Application hardening and mobile security 

For over 10 years now, CORONIC provides support and consultancy services to German and international banks and financial service providers by securing their client and online banking processes. Benefit from our know-how to protect yourself!