CSF - CORONIC Security Framework

Mobile problems in software development

The last decade was still an easy time for software developers. There was one single dominant operating system, Microsoft Windows, and therefore also just one compulsory direction to focus on for the development of desktop applications. Today, however, Macintosh and Linux have gained ground, and with iOS, Android and Windows Phones for mobiles, three additional operating systems have been launched on the market.


Application hardening on all 6 operating systems

For applications that require top security (such as banking), it is necessary to find appropriate hardening and protective measures that can be applied to all operating systems on which banking apps are used. Moreover, they must be user-friendly and inexpensive. That is exactly what CORONIC Security Frameworks (CSF) does. It transfers the tried and tested PROTECT security measures under iOS, Android, Windows and Mac operating systems to the software programs requiring protection. Just like CSF hardens CORONIC’s own PROTECT browser and PROTECT apps, it can also protect your software, shielding it against malware attacks.