CORONIC employs experienced developers and architects. We design applications for banks and insurance companies. We have been working on many large-scale projects for the industry and official bodies for many years now.


Focus: security & banking

  • Development of software and online processes (e. g. banking)

  • Hardening of mobile applications and apps (anti-hooking and anti-Trojan)

  • Development of applications and hardening of client programs and browsers in Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

  • Critical security projects for administrations, the police and the German Armed Forces


Focus: portals & internet

  • Enterprise Java applications and their integration in existing IT environments

  • Complex multi-client portal solutions in Drupal/PHP and Grails/Java

  • Extranet, intranet and internet solutions for banks, the industry and administrations



  • Banks, insurance companies, financial service providers

  • Public administrations and the military

  • IT and telecommunications

  • Industry and logistics