VISOR Product range

Can I protect my PC or my smartphone? How secure is online banking? Many internet users feel overwhelmed by computer security issues. Thanks to VISOR products, your company can help customers deal with these issues, and you can improve ties with your clients and build their trust.


Typical application examples

  • A bank wants to increase the number of its online users. To do so, offline clients must be convinced that computer security is not just for experts, but that every PC can be kept up-to-date. The Computer Check helps do just that.

  • A bank wants to attract more mobile clients to its homepage. In reality, smart phones are just mini-computers that have inherited all the security problems from their older siblings. The Mobile Check is a very useful security application for all mobile clients.

  • Display problems on the homepage and errors in flicker code generation are the most common support issues for online banking. Both are caused by outdated software components on the client's devices. The Computer Check detects old software and helps update it, thus reducing the need for support and advice from the electronic banking services hotline.

  • Phishing fraud costs banks large sums of money, due to personnel costs for advisory services, the analysis of problems and, if necessary, legal action too. The Computer Check and Quick Check remedy online banking security flaws, thus preventing attacks.

  • From social networks to online banking: the Facebook Check provides security on social networking sites.


VISOR Check was developed in collaboration with the European Union. It has been legally and technically certified and has been awarded the official German Privacy Seal (#1-01/2005 till 2009).